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Or if you just need Human Resource support we can provide the following services:

  • Recruitment Strategy
  • Succession & Retention Planning
  • Review of HR Policies and Procedures to ensure they are legally compliant
  • Job evaluation and Employment T&Cs
  • Reward, recognition and benefits review
  • Flexible Benefits
  • Development, training, performance and appraisal structure 
  • Compensation, pay structure & banding

Financial Governance & Risk

Interim Resources

Business Improvements

We can provide you with a tailored and workable Risk Register, including a Risk Matrix and Heat maps.

We can review and enhance your Policies, Procedures and Frameworks to ensure you have an effective and efficient Business model.

Have you considered what happens if it all goes wrong and there is a complete failure of your systems or if there is a fire or flood? We can mitigate these business risks by creating a bespoke and robust Business Continuity Plan, proactively getting you back up and running.

Every company has a level of Risk appetite that they are prepared to accept, by using Risk management techniques you can keep an eye on the levels of potential risk and with perspective reviews, see whether you need to act now or at some point in the future.

You can take advantage of our full Virtual Finance Department including Human Resources, or take as much or as little as you need to suit your business requirements. We can seamlessly integrate with your business, independently reviewing and recommending new proactive ways of working. Helping you restructure and reshape your business or to just make your life easier with our professionals taking the stress and providing you with periodic updates and status reports at your choice of frequency.

Business Improvements

Has your business grown, reduced back due to the economic climate or you're just at that size where you need the expertise of a Finance Director and/or Human Resource (HR) manager but you do not need the cost of having them full time. We understand your need to concentrate on your core business without these other distractions allowing you to utilize all your business resources like money and office space on generating additional income. SIFAR can make this a reality as part our Virtual Finance Department concept we can provide you with all the resources you need and only when you need them. We can provide bookkeeping services right through to Financial Director services by all professionally dealing with these areas, we have many years of experience, professional qualifications and continued professional development. Our team is friendly, dedicated and reliable using the latest systems that can provide high quality information and reports that you can see anywhere in the world at any time. 

Governance, risk management and compliance are key concerns for boards of all organisations.  We are dedicated to work with you and become trusted advisors where the benefits of a more strategic relationship will help us better understand your key challenges. All organisations are driven to reduce costs and improve quality; those that fail often do not focus on their governance systems.

Making a significant change in any business or entity can be challenging, whether it be physical or cultural. It is important we fully understand the triggers for any organisational change and the consequences of not making those changes to your business, depending on your situation and your appetite we would apply the right model using our own integrated business philosophy to best suit your needs. We would create a considered and balanced plan including any expected resistance to the changes and how to overcome them plus benchmarking and measuring for a successful outcome. At all times throughout the process we would keep in mind your business ethics, personnel welfare, governance and any legal requirements.

We can take an independent fresh look at your business using the relevant techniques to fit your desired outcome, or if required we can use techniques like Business process re-engineering, which concentrates on your core business. We can map out all your business flows and document them in an easy and understandable format leaving you ready to tackle any potential opportunity.  

When others leave you with just a report, we stick around and help you through or even lead you through the process.