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Performance Measurement and Reporting

Our three options include the following Reports

​Entry: Live online access to all ledgers Incl. Aged Debtors and Creditors, Profit & Loss with Period v's Period Variance Analysis, Detailed Balance Sheets and Cash movement reports.
​Full: All of the above plus, P&L, Balance Sheet, Cash-Flow and Covenant Variances all compared to Budgets, Forecasts or Plans.
​Expert: All of the above plus, Balance Scorecards, Performance Dashboards, Key Performance Measures, Ratios Analysis, Multidimensional and Non-Financial Measures.

​​Our aim here is to provide you clear, accurate, understandable and key information on your whole business which enables you to focus your energy on the areas that need it most. 

How do you know if your company is performing well and where do you start?

​Performance is the measured execution or fulfilment of a specific task to achieve a preferred outcome. which sounds technical buts its actually easier than you think, you start with a benchmark, like a plan or budget and then you need to measure the results of the task performed. Most company owners have a good idea what they want to achieve, it just needs to be documented, integrated with the rest of the business and communicated in a controlled way.​​

Financial Reporting

Performance measurement is not just important for your Finances, your staff are probably one of the most expensive assets you have so it is critical they are also performing.

Getting the right performance from staff can be a complex issue, it will be effected by historical or an embedded culture, it will also be effected by each individuals level of motivation. This is why it is a difficult area to handle as you can not just implement a blanket approach to fix it, everyone is different and what works for one will not work for the others. However, people are employed to do a job and it is not unreasonable to expect them to do this to the best of their ability, therefore to introduce a results driven culture and measured activities and achievements can not be argued with and usually most actually enjoy this type of measurement as they receive credit for their efforts.

To get this right, you first need to start with looking at the business and its own goals and objectives, see my Strategic Planning page for this, once the company objectives are in place and these have been distributed amongst the teams and individuals, you then need to ensure their activities are being measured and reported.

Forensic Analysis has two purposes, maximising your profits and reducing your costs. We do this by reviewing you current position and breaking it down into its constituent parts, then we review the value of each part separately and its relevance to the whole, this can ensure non performing divisions/products are not being covered or masked by better performing areas. By understanding and analysing these out we can then recommend a course of action to optimise your business activities and adding value for your stakeholders. 

  • Cost control and cost reduction.

  • Customer Profitability Analysis (CPA), Direct Product Profitability (DPP), ​Project Profitability Analysis (PPA).

  • ​Process and Procedure Review, Mapping out your processes, reviewing and recommending efficiency improvements. 

By reviewing your processes and procedures, using various philosophy's we can ensure you are operating effectively and maximising your resource utilisation. Using concepts like Lean and Kaizen we can minimise wastage, saving time and money for your organisation.

​​We use our own version of the Balanced Scorecard theory, this includes the five key areas of Business: Finance, Internal Business Process, Customers or Clients, Learning & Growth and the part that makes it all happen, the Vision and Strategy.

There is a close integration with individual performance and Human Resources all of which need to be aligned. We can provide a structured process to introduce or revive personal development and objective setting via the use of Job descriptions, an effective appraisal process and various motivational schemes. These will provide goal congruence, happy staff and improved profits. 

Business Integration

Business Performance

Forensic Analysis

Financial Reporting, Financial Analysis, Financial Modelling, Dashboards, KPI's, Variance Analysis

We have three levels of professional reporting that you can add to our Management Accounting options or to your own in house accounting processes. We can review and recommend innovative ways of improving your core data to provide you with a comprehensive suite of reports for any stakeholder.  Our Annual Budgeting and Quarterly or Rolling Forecasting module can also be incorporated into any of our Financial Reporting suites to give you an even better information experience to make informed decisions. Our reports are not only represented by figures but also graphically and with written commentary in a language relevant to your business. 

The most cost effective way is to take our online expert reporting option where everything is all fully included, the reports are all tailor made to suit the needs of your business, all options fit together and perform seamlessly to produce the right level of information you need and all are done in a timely manner.