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Strategic Planning

Strategic & Tactical Planning

Are you thinking of investing in a new project or venture but you are not sure if you will achieve the right return on your investment? 

Let us take a look, with our scenario planning and management decision making process we can give you all the possible outcomes, using techniques like Net Present Value, Payback period and Accounting Rate of Return. We can assess the risk and uncertainty of those outcomes using sensitivity and probability analysis.

We can add cost benefit analysis and economic added value techniques to asses the financial and commercial feasibility of the project.

We can also incorporate these findings into your Annual Budget or Forecast and present them to your bank, lenders or stakeholders answering any questions they may have.

Budgets and Forecasts are used for performance evaluation, to set your shareholders/stakeholders expectations and to analyse financing requirements .

For your Annual budget we would spend time with each of your department heads to obtain and gather data to produce your bespoke Annual Budgeting Pack, the pack will be broken down monthly and by department and can include the following:

  • Sales Pipeline Analysis

  • Enterprise Resource Modelling (ERM)

  • Department & Consolidated Profit and Loss accounts

  • Balance sheets

  • Cash flows and Funds flows

  • Capital Expenditure

  • Seasonality

In a dynamic world things can change rapidly, Forecasting can combat this by updating your plan quarterly. Get a more accurate information and control, our reports give you the ability to review your actuals against budgets and each and every forecast throughout the year, we can also compare to previous years.

One of the most important areas of a budget or forecast is the cash planning and cash management, without cash your business can not function. By understanding your working capital availability we can estimate how much cash is required, when it is required, how long for and whether it will be available from anticipated sources, we can also include sensitivity analysis and changes in business and economic variables. This can all provide you with an early warning system of liquidity problems which allows you to plan for any expected breach of parameters or covenants. We can proactively manage your cash or provide you with short term daily cash flows and forecast and/or provide a three year plan for a Bank manager or stakeholder.

Budgeting & Forecasting

Financial Modelling

All businesses need to plan for their future and have a targeted view of what you want to achieve, whether this is growth, to maintain a market share, reduction to core areas or even to exit. We live in a dynamic ever changing world which is easy to forget if you are concentrating on your day to day business. We can do this for you, we have a complete option taking you through our whole strategic philosophy, which we can apply and implement throughout your business or we can break this down into smaller one off projects.

The one off projects could be either based around a one or two day workshop or we can spend some time on site with you and lead you through the process.

All of these options will add value to your business:

  • Understanding and developing your Vision and Mission as a business.
  • Leading you through the process and helping you discover what your real objectives are.
  • Creating SMART objectives that work for your business at each level.
  • Perform PEST analysis, SWOT analysis and/or Risk analysis
  • Horizon scanning, providing you with options for growth.​
  • Stakeholder mapping - understanding who to provide information to and at what level of detail.​
  • Business planning cycle - where you are on the cycle and what to expect next.
  • Competitive strategies and evaluating strategic options
  • Discovering and developing your real Critical Success Factors, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Key activity measures (KAMs)